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Gutter cleaning with Skyvac

White's Property Maintenance gutter cleaningWhite's Property Maintenance are experts in difficult to perform gutter inspections and cleaning. Through the use of innovative Skyvac technology, which removes the need for ladders or expensive scaffolding, we can get the job done quickly and at a very comptetive price.

Using our Skyvac-mounted camera we can show you live footage of the state of your gutters so you'll know precisely what work needs doing before committing, and if they don't need cleaning we'll tell you, as you'll be able see for yourself; with White's Property Maintenance you won't run the risk of an expensive and unecessary job because you'll see exactly what's required.

  • Our Skyvac appliance reaches up to 40ft from the ground with one operative
  • Eliminates the need for ladders or expensive scaffolding
  • Cost-effective gutter cleaning because our innovative technology is lightweight and easy to use
  • Provides a safer, cleaner, environment 

We can undertake a single clean or provide a cost-effective, regular maintenance package for homes and industrial premises. We also offer internal high reach cleaning packages. All kinds of packages to suit; we can even dredge ponds!

If you'd like to book an inspection please get in touch with Craig for a no nonsense chat about your requirements (see contact info below).

White's Property Maintenance gutter cleaning


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